What & Why?

At the core of Tiny Sponges is LEARNING. I am a lifelong learner, I am curious about so very many things and my curiosity is ever-changing, I believe we should never stop learning – none of us. I want professionals (I am one) to carry on learning, I want parents (I’m one of these too) to never stop ‘finding out’, and grandparents (yes, one of those too!) to be empowered in sharing NEW things, DIFFERENT things, LOTS of things with our very young children.

The first years of a child’s life is where the MAGIC happens in the developing brain – quite a responsibility huh? – for us as parents, grandparents, teachers, carers? Want to know how you can help that magic happen? To give children the opportunity to be the best they can? You do? Well – walk this way.

My Facebook page Tiny Sponges is about the HOW – the practical ways we can help children learn through play. I give videos and tips showing loads of ideas about the HOW through social media. WHY? – because most people have access to social media these days. Whether your interest is Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/YouTube … I’ll try to reach you and make it easy for you to help, teach, engage with the children you look after, you care for, you love …

I also have a huge drive to help parents and carers teach their children emotional well-being and resilience skills. My Facebook Group ‘Keep Our Kids Safe & Strong’ is all about teaching our young children these skills as early as possible. I really feel that resilience is a much undervalued and unknown skill. Resilience isn’t just about how happy our children are, how amazing their general behaviour is. It’s how they cope when things go wrong.

Resilience is a lifelong skill. It’s what adults need to pick themselves up after financial or personal loss. Resilience is what allows humans, big and small, to succeed in the face of adversity. Resilience is an attitude. It is habit we can cultivate, we can use and is best learned when we are young.

My Group and my page are great communities of like-minded and supportive people. In them, and in this blog site, I will be sharing with you activities, ideas, what I know, what I find out, anything that is relevant and informative. I have years of experience of creating some of the magic. I’ll show you what I know, what I do – and I hope that together we can share ideas too – because you’re never too old to learn!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!