Strength Game - KS2
Strength Game - KS2

Strength Game - KS2

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Developed by the Danish Strength Academy - exclusively available from Tiny Sponges

When we are aware of our strengths and learn to use them, research shows that we increase our well-being, self-esteem, and joy. And awareness of each other's and a class's strengths increases tolerance and develops harmonious classes.

The strength game is an entertaining game that lets you and your fellow players learn much more about your strengths and stories.

The game is about telling and listening to stories from our everyday lives and becoming wiser about our strengths. Research shows that if you know your strengths, you gain more self-esteem, more energy, more robustness, and less stress.

Knowing your strengths can help you solve your tasks better and you will experience "happier happiness".

The Danish Psychiatry Foundation Recommends the Strength Game for use in schools.

The Strength Game (KS2) is suitable for players aged 6-10 years.