'Strength System' class set
'Strength System' class set
'Strength System' class set
'Strength System' class set
'Strength System' class set
'Strength System' class set

'Strength System' class set

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Knowledge of the 24 strengths, and use of the Strength System, gives students and teachers an understanding of their own and others’ strengths. It can be difficult for young people to speak positively about themselves and others. These resources provide a common language where it becomes valid and valuable to talk about your own strengths – and those of others, knowing that you’re not boasting!

The three main objectives of the material are:

  1. Optimal individual well-being and inclusion
  2. Good relationships and clique-free classes
  3. Positive self-esteem and higher self-esteem

The ‘Strength System’ contains 16 carefully designed exercises that help each student build:

  • Knowledge of their own and other’s strengths
  • Acknowledging and understanding difference
  • Tools to develop well-being and resilience
  • Opportunities to build on their own strengths
  • Greater motivation and desire to learn

The set comprises:
2 x My Strength Book (Teacher’s Guide)
• reference and guide for educators
35 x My Strength Book (Pupil’s workbook)
• disposable, for pupils aged 12 – 12
8 x The Strength Game
• 2-4 players, aged 11+
1 x Classroom Poster (A2 size)
• illustrates all 25 strengths
1 x A4 Strength Cards (set of 24)
• for learning opportunities and class work

    The material is flexible, so that once the children are introduced to the strengths, all exercises can be conducted independently of each other. You can also choose how long you want to spend on each exercise.

    Due to demand, the 'Strength System' is out of stock and will ship in March 2019. If you are interested in this product, please contact us and we will let you know when it's available.