Child Safety Pack
Child Safety Pack
Child Safety Pack

Child Safety Pack

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Children worry about scary situations, such as getting lost, or a house fire. They worry that they won't know what to do and that nobody will help them...

This Child Safety Pack is the ideal partner for the 'How to Keep Safe a sometimes scary world' book. It's specifically designed to help children plan for these scary situations and to provide the tools they need to help keep them safe.

Developed using the latest advice from the emergency services, each pack contains the following, attached to a useful keyring:

  • Reversible plastic safety card: with key instructions in case of getting lost or a house fire; write-on strip for a contact number
  • Glow-in-the-dark whistle: ideal if lost, or to alert others to a fire
  • LED torch (with batteries): helpful in case of a power failure, or smoke

Ideal for attaching to a backpack, or in a coat pocket, the Child Safety Pack adds that extra security for every child.

Suitable for children aged 4 and older. 

Safety notice: this is NOT suitable for children aged under 36 months