About us

Our Story

Hi there! I’m Jo FitzGerald – and this is Tiny Sponges.

I created Tiny Sponges because child mental health and safeguarding is so very important to me. In my role as a teacher I have seen a huge increase in children affected by anxiety, to a point where it interferes with their learning and their home life. As a Deputy Head in a Pupil Referral Unit I have also seen the consequences of children affected by mental health disorders.

My teaching roots are in EYFS, and I know that if we teach our children, from a very early age, skills for well-being and resilience – then they are far better equipped to cope with worries, obstacles and difficult life events as they get older.

Our team at Tiny Sponges knows how important it is for educators, carers and parents to have up-to-date knowledge , information and effective resources – to better help our children. We have a strong focus on PSHE, safeguarding and mental health and our range of resources help YOU deliver all of this to the children in your care.

As well as our own resources, we have also collaborated with leading Danish educationalist Louise Tidmand and her company ‘Strength Academy’. Louise’s resources are in schools and families across Demark and have had amazing results. The resources use Positive Psychology to give children a positive and ‘can-do’ mindset, which will help throughout life.

These are not dry textbooks – they are practical hands-on tools for educators, with an emphasis on usability. The needs of children, in relation to PSHE, safeguarding and mental health vary according to age, so we produce resources suitable for a range of age groups from early years through to higher and further education.

Tiny Sponges. Helping you keep your children SAFE & STRONG!