All You Need To Know About the 30 Hours ‘Free’ Childcare Funding, Childcare Tax Credits, Tax-Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers and You.

In last week’s budget the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, confirmed two major childcare changes which directly affect parents and families - the increase to 30hrs free nursery provision for 3 & 4 year olds, and the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme (this is especially good if you're self-employed). Below are some facts to show you who is… Continue reading All You Need To Know About the 30 Hours ‘Free’ Childcare Funding, Childcare Tax Credits, Tax-Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers and You.

Let David Attenborough Teach Your Child …

I know that we are all trying to cut down on, and limit, our children's screen time. However, if we make sure that any screen time we give our children is quality time, there is less chance of hindering child development and a good chance that children will be learning and actively engaging in a positive manner ...

Education -How You Can Write a Letter of Complaint to the PM

Education is in crisis. Not everywhere – there is fantastic, life-changing stuff being done out there. But as a whole. A crisis in funding, a crisis in teaching, a crisis in the behaviour, in the emotional well-being of many children, which is not being supported. I could go on – but let’s face facts. It’s a crisis point. Colin Harris and so very many others are showing us that. So, we can moan and complain at the school gate, at the PTA … We could sit on our bums and say “Well, what can I do …?” Here’s one thing you might do.

Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet..?

How to Make the Best of Long Journeys With Your child. As an expat of many years, I lost track of the many times I travelled by air, as a lone parent with two young children, a baby and a toddler. Long 7 hour flights where I could see people looking at us, often scowling, as we got on the plane and thinking “Please don’t sit near me” - then watching their relief turn into a smile as I walked past them!

Positive Parenting – Why Engage with Nature? (Part 1)

Having recently attended a couple of seminars discussing the benefits of outdoor play it is worrying to note that in recent years, childhood has undergone a massive shift – it has moved indoors for screen time, as opposed to outdoors for play time. This has had many negative health consequences for children which are only now coming into view.

Five Ideas for Looking After Your Unwell Child

Five Ideas for Looking After Your Unwell Child. Looking at my Facebook page, it's clear to see that, once again, it's that time of year when our children come down with all kinds of sickness and bugs. It’s often a miserable time for everyone when a child is feeling poorly. Here are a few ideas to help cheer them up, and keep them occupied, until they feel better.

Why the Future Doesn’t Look Bright For School Funding

With new funding schemes for the Education Sector coming into place let’s look at current reports and the views and experiences of concerned parents and those in the know. What will the consequences be for your children?

How to Help Children with Speech and Language Difficulties

Having spent a lot of time teaching early years, it's quite clear that more and more children are entering childcare settings with speech and language difficulties. Problems with speech and language are the most common developmental difficulty that children encounter. Studies indicate that as many as 1 in 10 children in the UK have speech and language difficulties, and these are particularly prevalent in the early years. Ten tips for helping children with SLD in the early years: