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“How To Keep Safe … in a sometimes scary world”

Parents expressed anxiety over what to say to their children, asked, “Should we say anything at all?”

 Most knew it had to be addressed but asked “What should we say?” and “How do we say it?”

 Most were at a loss of how to ease their children’s worry and anxiety. Especially as many parents shared similar worries over the same topics.

 “Teddy thinks it’s a game to run off if we’re in a large store. I don’t know what to do or say without scaring him to death. Now I just don’t take him out because it stresses me out.” Teddy’s mum Lyndsey.

“My daughter gets so anxious and cries every time my husband or I have to travel to London for business. It breaks my heart – but I don’t know what to say to make it better.” – Amanda


Book Bio

This is a book for 4 – 9-year-olds and their parents to share. It is a gentle, illustrated rhyming story of a boy, a dog, and his family. Together they talk about what to do in case of getting lost, being in a home fire, or getting caught up in a dangerous event. The family makes plans around keeping safe, knowing that bad things will probably never, ever happen – but just in case – they’ll know what to do. The book helps ease worry and anxiety and opens up difficult conversations between parent and child over worrying dangers and feeling connected with this.

There is a parent’s guide at the back of the book to help parents with questions, talk about feelings and make plans and rules together.

The author says “I have been in worrying and dangerous situations. I know from experience that – if we know what to do to keep safe, if we have a plan – then it eases worry and anxiety. We know what to do to keep ourselves, and those we care for, as safe as possible. It is empowering and reassuring. We will probably never need it but, just in case …”

Also included is a link for parents to a downloadable document with detailed information, current advice and helpful websites and contact numbers.



Comments from parents…

“Well done, this is absolutely brilliant and fantastic subject matter that really needs to be addressed, talked about and made less scary. Not only for the children, but for parents and grandparents…”

 “I love the wording, the drawings and the way you cover everything in a really nurturing, gentle and unalarming way. I love the sections at the back for discussion.”

 “Just sitting and going through these questions has made me realise how little I discuss safety with my children, unless something bad happens.”

 “I genuinely enjoyed the experience of reading it with him, especially as now he’s an independent reader, I don’t often read rhyming/picture books to him anymore, so it made talking about something that could be potentially scary even more secure and cosy. The one thing that I thought worked especially when we talked after was that he took away from it 1) the world isn’t scary 2) but it’s good to be prepared.”


Target Audience

Who Should Read It?

  • Parents of children aged 4 – 9 years
  • Parents who are anxious about current media coverage of worrying events e.g. terrorist attack
  • Parents and educators who prioritise their children’s safety and wellbeing

What are The Benefits?

  • Opens up communication between adult and child around potentially scary and dangerous events
  • Eases worry and anxiety over these events
  • Helps families formulate an action plan and feel safer and more prepared
  • Gives current info and advice on being caught up in these events.


Why is Jo the best person to write this book?

Jo FitzGerald is an experienced teacher, mum, blogger and parent advisor. She has had many articles published in the media.  Jo has worked extensively in the UK and the Middle East, with her young children, where she lived through many scary events – including a military coup. Jo also lived through, and was affected by, the era of the IRA bombings in the UK. She is now ready for the zombie apocalypse – and always has a plan.

Jo now specialises in helping parents of Early Years children turn their child on to learning. She also has a strong focus on helping parents foster resilience skills and emotional well-being for our very young children.

Jo also runs social media groups for parents of young children aged 0 – 7, where she noticed how many parents – and children have been adversely affected by recent blanket media coverage of terrorist events, missing children, and the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire.