My Happy Book (1-to-1 edition)
My Happy Book (1-to-1 edition)
My Happy Book (1-to-1 edition)
My Happy Book (1-to-1 edition)

My Happy Book (1-to-1 edition)

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Published by the Danish Strength Academy - exclusively available from Tiny Sponges

"My Happy Book" is a wonderful resource for educators, parents, and children, featuring 25 fun exercises, all focusing on learning optimism, focusing on the positive of creating positive thinking patterns, and thereby adding happiness to life. And it only takes 20 minutes a day!

The book is designed for children between 8-14 years. However, the exercises have no age limit. Even primary school children will find it fun...

This 1-to-1 book is ideal for use in Special Educational Needs settings and other areas of 1-to-1 teaching.

The book has an introduction for adults, an introduction to the work for the children, and is designed as a ready-to-go workbook.

The last 25 years of psychological and sociological research has proven that:

  • Happy and optimistic children learn best
  • Happy and optimistic children have confidence in the world and their opportunities in the world
  • Happy and optimistic children have a positive self-perception
  • Children with a positive self-perception accomplish more academically
  • Happy people think more creatively, are more flexible in problem-solving and are able to see things from a wider perspective.
  • Happiness and positive emotions accumulate over time and strengthen resources such as knowledge, mental strength, and friendships
  • Happiness and positive emotions build resilience that helps us cope with stress, challenges, and negative emotions
  • Happy and optimistic people live longer
  • Studies show that happiness and optimism can be learned!!!

The exercises are designed to equip the reader with skills in five areas that all have great influence on our level of happiness. The five areas are:

  • Gratitude
  • Making a difference
  • Focus on the positive
  • Thought patterns
  • Focus on your strengths