Happy System

The 'Happy System' contains 25 carefully designed, evidence-based exercises that help each child focus on the benefits of thinking in a positive way. The exercises show that it is possible to influence and change your own level of happiness, joy, and wellbeing. It is suitable for children aged 6 – 12 years.

The exercises are designed to equip the child with skills in five areas that all have an impact on our level of happiness and foster a positive mindset. The five areas are:
• Gratitude
• Making a difference
• Focus on the positive
• Thought patterns
• Focus on our strengths
The material can be used intensively over a short period, or it can be used one or more times a week, and you can return to the exercises again and again.

There are several options for each exercise – to suit the needs of the class. Some exercise can be used as a quick ‘warm-up’ or starter activity, others can form a more extensive session. The set comprises:
My Happy Book (Teacher’s book)
• reference and guide for educators
My Happy Book (Pupil’s reference book)
• reusable, for pupils aged 6 - 12
Classroom Poster (A2 size)
• illustrates 5 happiness factors
My Happy Book (Pupil’s workbook)
• disposable, for pupils aged 6 – 12

The set provides everything needed to complete the exercises for an entire class. For additional classes, just buy the add-on workbooks - a cost-effective solution. Replacement copies of each book are also available.