I know that I sometimes bang on about how really important it is that our children are engaged and turned on to learning (and therefore developing) in the Early Years. I really believe that we have to get it right from the very start. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our children are ready for school before they even begin.

7 Reasons To Read To Your Newborn

Part of our family has just had a gorgeous little boy, their first very loved and totally wonderful child. (I may be a little biased here). We recently spent a long weekend with them and I was absolutely over the-moon to see Dad reading to Baby every evening. It was an absolute joy to see,… Continue reading 7 Reasons To Read To Your Newborn

Childhood Obesity is on the Rise.

BREAKING NEWS !!!! News today is again connected with childhood obesity in the UK. FACT While two in three adults are now overweight or obese, latest figures also now show that One in three children have the same problems by the time they leave primary school Along with this – and so worrying - are… Continue reading Childhood Obesity is on the Rise.

5 Tips for helping your fussy eater

I’m sure we have all known, or had, children who have been – at one stage or another – picky eaters. Last week  on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour the subject of children’s ‘Fussy eating’ was highlighted and discussed by Ciara Atwell, mum and blogger of ‘My Fussy Eater’ and Jackie Blisset of Coventry University. So what… Continue reading 5 Tips for helping your fussy eater