Childhood Obesity is on the Rise

BREAKING NEWS !!!! News today is again connected with childhood obesity in the UK.


While two in three adults are now overweight or obese, latest figures also now show that

  • One in three children have the same problems by the time they leave primary school
  • Along with this – and so worrying – are rising levels of type 2 diabetes, even among children as young as SEVEN!

Thankfully the UK is one of the first countries to be tackling this problem head on – we’re the first in the world to introduce sugar targets.

  • A sugar tax on fizzy drinks is being introduced next year, (adding between 6 and 8 pence on a 330ml can)

–  but ministers say they are now keen to work with the food industry as part of a Government crackdown on JUNK FOODS.

In a bold move supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways will be asked to reduce the size of thousands of their products or find other ways to cut the calorie content of products such as crisps, pizzas, ready meals and burgers. With a focus on best-selling foods that are regularly eaten by children.

Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England (PHE) said “families needed help” to choose healthier foods, instead of being tempted by supersized portions of junk food.

In their report, published today, ( PHE said

  1. It will publish evidence on the best ways to cut calories in 2018
  2. Then they will open consultations with the food industry and health experts to develop the detailed plans.

For any of us needing more information and guidance on healthy eating, there is a great site to visit from the NHS called ‘Change For Life ( It tells you about food facts, the correct weight for children, calories, recipes, activities to do with your child AND there is this fantastic app that you can download on your phone for free. With the app on your phone you can scan food labels as you shop and it gives you the traffic light information (red for bad, orange for not quite so bad, green for awesomely good for you) for salt, sugar and saturated fat. I like this app so much that my next post/blog will tell you all about it!

(As I write this I am eating a cheese sandwich!)

(My bad!!)

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