Education -How You Can Write a Letter of Complaint to the PM

The thing is this …

Our children are the future, our children HAVE a future and it is down to us as parents, grandparents, relatives, carers and educators to ensure that our children get the best possible chances for them to reach their potential. Not only that, but to reach their potential in a country, a world, that has promise and opportunity. A world that they will want to bring their children into and not be disaffected by choices that we, previous generations, have made or put up with.

Education is a huge part of my life. I read it, practice it, think about it, worry about it, write about it. Love it. It’s the focus for much of my time and lately, concerns me more and more. This week, I read an article in the Times Educational Supplement, which crystalized for me all that is wrong. It was a call to arms to parents everywhere to do something about the sad state of children’s education – to do something. And a lot of the comments made by readers at the bottom of the article were along the lines of “sounds great – but no-one will do anything.”

Education is in crisis. Not everywhere – there is fantastic, life-changing stuff being done out there. But as a whole. A crisis in funding, a crisis in teaching, a crisis in the behaviour, in the emotional well-being of many children, which is not being supported. I could go on – but let’s face facts. It’s a crisis point. Colin Harris and so very many others are showing us that. So, we can moan and complain at the school gate, at the PTA … We could sit on our bums and say “Well, what can I do …?”

Here’s one thing you might do.

You might copy and paste the letter below to this site, a direct message to Number 10. (It’s short because you’re only allowed 1,000 characters).

There – you’ve done something.

SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE ON YOUR FACEBOOK/TWITTER/BLOG … because social media is a powerful tool we can use to do good. The more people see it, the more people send it.


Prime Minister,

I’m a parent. I keep up with current news, policies, and views of teachers, parents and educationalists which might affect the delivery of education to my child. I am not interested in a debate with you over facts and figures. Instead I will tell you what I disagree with/am horrified about:

– my child’s continual assessment within the narrow curriculum now being offered

– the ideology of your government which does not see my child as a wonderful individual, but as a statistical data point

– a fractured education system

– lack of funding per pupil

– disaffected teachers driven out by excessive workload and stress

– bigger classes, with children getting less support academically and emotionally

– deteriorating buildings

The list seems endless. We want more for our children. We want a system that puts people at the centre of all it does well. We want what is right for our child. For the future. Not what is right for you.

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