Revisions to the EYFS – a Few Long-Awaited Snippets!

Melanie Pilcher, of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, informed us (as her seminar began) that she had changed the title of her talk several times. Billed as ‘Delivering the revised EYFS’ for months previous to today’s Childcare Expo, the announced release date had crept from being September 2016 to December 2016 and finally, three weeks ago, she decided that she should stop waiting. Ironically, this morning it was announced that the new EYFS has been released and will go live from April 1st. She managed to give us a few snippets of the changes however, no doubt after a while of frantic searching and reading!

Some of the facts from the new EYFS:

  • Safeguarding and welfare requirements will have changes
  • There will be changes to the paediatric First Aid requirements
  • There will be new qualifications for SENCO’s in childcare settings
  • New references to the Prevent Duty and female genital mutilation
  • New information on DBS disclosures

There will, of course be more changes. The best places to keep up with these changes is the Pre-school Learning Alliance Twitter feed @Pre_schoolLA or their website. They work really hard to be prompt and informed with these kind of things and you can trust their accuracy and expertise.

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