A Magical Place to Learn

At every Childcare Expo I go to, I always really look forward to the themed ‘room’ which this time is packed with lovely resources and ideas for activities around the theme of ‘Fairy Tales” – and who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? I predict that the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film is going to inspire a lot of us to revisit this theme! The room is a collaboration of ‘Community Playthings’ and ‘Hope Education’ (both educational resources companies), and Langley Hall Primary Academy and Wellington Day Nursery.

I know we don’t all have access to such fabulous resources – but we can still take away ideas from this and do fabulous things with what we have (plus a bit of fairy dust).The message given is that if childcare practitioners set up a learning environment that’s rich in activities and resources then children will learn from what is around them. With a carefully (and skilfully) created environment, practitioners can stand back and let the magic happen.

Of course, it’s important to provide support that is appropriate to each child’s needs but – it should be child led. The children need to be at the centre of their learning with ideas, artwork, and all areas of the characteristics of effective learning being accessed. Activities include:

  • The 3 bears and porridge making
  • Searching for witches treasure
  • Tinkerbell’s book corner
  • Sleeping Beauty’s sensory castle
  • Water tray fairy garden
  • Cinderella’s shoe fitting
  • Gingerbread house
  • Measure Rapunzel’s hair

I’ve included some photos and I can only say that it is truly magical – eventually I was asked politely to get out of the ‘Sleeping Beauty Sensory Experience’, but I plan to return tomorrow!


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